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“We’ve been really fortunate to work with the Luxaflex team for the past few years - fortunate, because it's not just the product that is exceptional, but the team and the service they provide. We used a selection of products, including PolySatin Shutters, Duette Shades, Pirouette Shadings, Silhouette Shadings and S-Bend Curtains. The innovation and style behind the products is second to none, with each window fashion a true statement piece in each room. We loved how beautifully the newly-launched curtains complement the chosen blinds, and the ability to automate the products. But, the standout feature and ultimate gamechanger was the Evo MagnaTrack Awning. Our undercroft, built as a multi-purpose entertainment area and carport leading into the back garden, was completely open, so the Evo MagnaTrack encloses it, creating an entirely new space and adding a level of protection from the elements. Whilst ZouHouse has been a journey, it’s brands like Luxaflex that get me excited for the next project, and the possibilities to create around them.” - Christal Fysentzou

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