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Luminette® Privacy Sheers

By Luxaflex
  • Choice of colours
  • Light filtering
  • Light diffusion / UV protection
  • Privacy Control


Luxaflex® Luminette® Privacy Sheers offer an inspired, elegant alternative to the traditional curtain.

Featuring a softly curved, vertical design with integrated fabric vanes for a striking interior statement, Luxaflex®  Luminette® Privacy Sheers are ideal for expansive windows or sliding doors as they allow for privacy and light control by allowing a soft and flattering light to filter through to any room, while still maintaining your essential privacy.

Fabric Choices

Luminette® Privacy Sheers come in a wide selection of on-trend fabrics and colour palettes. Choose from the purest of whites to modern, understated neutrals, right through to powerful darker shades. All fabrics are easy care and dust-resistant. Luminette® Privacy Sheers come in two opacities: translucent and room-darkening.

Control Options

The easily controlled tilting vanes can be drawn open like curtains, with the use of a cord loop, or rotated like blinds, with a simple twist of the wand – all from a single control. Or step into the future of blind technology and pair your Luminettes with our PowerView® motorisation system. Best of all? The innovative Softrak scissor mechanism provides them with a whisper-quiet, smooth and reliable operation.

Unparalleled Functionality

Luminette® Privacy Sheers are ideal for large doors or windows because the soft, curved vertical shades can be easily opened, allowing instant access.

Intergrated Style

Luminette® Privacy Sheers are adaptable and can be used throughout the house for a consistent, streamlined look – choose translucent fabrics to diffuse light (for living rooms); or dark fabrics to restrict light and provide privacy (for bedrooms). Complement Luminette® Sheers by using a different type of shading on other windows, such as Silhouette® Shadings, Pirouette® Shadings or Duette® Shades.

Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation

With Luxaflex PowerView® Automation, schedule your window coverings to open and close on their own—at any time of the day— with the touch of a button, a tap on a mobile device or the sound of your voice. Find out more about PowerView® automation below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Luminette Privacy Sheers

There are three main operating methods for Luminette Privacy Sheers

  • Travelling Wand
  • Combination Cord & Wand
  • PowerView Motorisation

Luminette fabrics are 100% polyester, making them resilient, anti-static and dust resistant. Periodic cleaning is recommended to help keep your Luminette Privacy Sheers looking like new. For all cleaning applications, fabrics should remain hanging to minimise handling, wrinkling or puckering.


Use a feather duster for regular light dusting.


For more thorough dust removal, a hand-held vacuum with low suction may be used. When vacuuming, avoid pulling or stretching the fabric. Start in the upper left corner and work across the fabric using short horizontal strokes while steadying the fabric with your free hand. Each stroke should be approximately the width of two to three vanes. Do not use long horizontal or vertical strokes as these actions will crease the fabric. Continue to the bottom of the fabric.

CAUTION: Do not use a brush attachment or rigorous vacuuming since either could distort the fabric.

Spot cleaning

To reduce the potential for permanent staining, spots should be treated and cleaned as soon as possible with a clothing stain pre-treatment solution.

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