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Other Motorised Solutions

Other Motorised Solutions

Luxaflex Window Fashions offers a variety of motorised solutions whether you are after remote control operation, integration with a 3rd party home automation system or wish to control your Luxaflex Roller Blinds via your smartphone or tablet.


Somfy is a trusted name in motorisation, with the range of Sonesse offering ultra quiet motors. Sonesse motors use patented technology to dampen noise and vibration to deliver a new standard in acoustic control. The Sonesse range is available in both wired technology and RTS radio technology motors.

Offering the benefits of remote control operation without the need for electrical connection, Somfy's battery powered motors are the ideal solution for hard to reach blinds, when electrical connection is difficult or simply as your introduction to motorisation.

Somfy offer a range of control solutions to meet any requirement in the automation of window furnishings in the home or office. Somfy's unique and stylish range of remote controls provides users with the ultimate in convenience - all at the touch of a button.

HD Motors

In addition o the latest PowerView Motorisation system, HD also offers a range of industry leading motors.

The HDQ motor is a quiet 240 volt AC motor suitable for home automation projects. An inbuilt controller with RQ technology enables bidirectional communication over RS232 with high-end automation or building management systems. The motor may be additionally connected to a wall switch or 3rd party automation system.

The HDSQ motor is an exceptionally quiet (Less than 40dBA, according to ISO3746) 240 volt AC motor solution for use in hardwired wall switch operation or for integration into 3rd party automation systems with 240 volt blind control modules.

Merger Solar Motor

For all the convenience of home automation combined with benefits of a truly energy efficient solution - the Merger® Solar Motor harnesses the power of the sun to operate the motor for Luxaflex® Evo Awnings.

Designed and developed in Australia, the Merger® Solar Motor is powered by a 24v DC battery that recharges through sunlight. The motor's simple integrated design features a discrete solar panel that can be angled for maximum energy collection, which can vary from one home to the next. What's more, it requires no costly electrician to install.

Only a few hours of direct sunlight are required to charge the battery for enough power for several day's operation; the Merger® Solar Motor is a simple way to bring energy efficiency into your home automation system.