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Bedroom Solutions


One of the most important factors to consider when selecting blinds for your bedroom, is light control. For most, it is essential that your bedroom window furnishing allows for light blockout, however you still have the option to filter the beautiful natural sunlight through during the day. Other key things to consider when selecting blinds for your bedroom is the ability to maintain day and night privacy, and temperature control.

Our Luxaflex Softshades Collection offer numerous functional and stylish solutions to suit your bedroom. Some options for this area include our Pirouette Shadings which are softly curved horizontal fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing which provide an enhanced measure of controlling light and privacy. For larger windows, Luminette Privacy Sheers, are a practical and beautiful option. These subtly curved and timeless vertical window coverings rotate for privacy and light control, choose translucent fabrics to diffuse light; or dark fabrics to restrict light and provide privacy.

Luxaflex PolySatin® Shutters are also a great option for bedrooms. Completely adjustable, they allow you to fully control the solar energy entering your windows and doors. Coupled with polyresin's low conductivity, they greatly reduce heat exchange. PolySatin®  Shutters are impervious to moisture and heat, and will not blister, peel or fade, ensuring a quality finish for years to come.

For more information about any of our solutions for bedrooms, contact us today and we'll put you in touch with a local Luxaflex dealer near you, or to find a dealer located near you, simply browse to our Find a Showroom page, to organise a free consultation or quote with a local Luxaflex dealer. 

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With so many options available, selecting the right window coverings can sometimes be overwhelming. Our nationwide network of showrooms and dedicated Luxaflex dealers are available to provide excellent customer service and guide you through the process.