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The Australian Style Series

Brought to you by Luxaflex

The Australian Style Series

“As a magazine editor, I was always proud to showcase Australian creativity, whether it be architecture, interior design, furniture and textiles, art, sculpture or photography. It was such a privilege to access talented minds as diverse in their thinking as the regions of this continent. To my mind there is something about Australian style that is unique, independent and curious. While geography may isolate us from the rest of the world (and let’s face it, no technology is ever going to physically close that gap), we’re once again travelling, observing and absorbing the trends, ideas and conversations that play out on the world stage.

And that’s when the alchemy happens. Australian designers are adept at gathering only what is relevant to our lifestyle, climate and culture, to create a narrative that is uniquely ours. Ask many of our designers (as I did in these videos) what inspires them and they will say that - regardless of the discipline in which they work - they are influenced by the quality of Australian light, the colours of our landscape and our multicultural heritage.

In these six videos, brought to you by Luxaflex, I talk with a group of young Australians who represent a new creative generation. Artist Nunzio Miano’s compelling, semi-abstract works are influenced by his Sicilian heritage, while photographer Lillie Thompson trains her soft, contemporary lens on interior design and lifestyle. Stylist Rory James Carter demonstrates how white interiors can possess warmth and depth; interior designer Lucy Montgomery’s signature reveals itself through her collection of gloriously decorative fabrics, soft furnishings and homewares. On the NSW south coast, Nelli and Juri Hegi combine mid-European sensibility with Australian brio to create timeless, bespoke furniture, and interior designer Victoria Hampshire embodies the modern take on country style that we’re calling New Rural. Collectively, these videos capture the flavour of contemporary Australian Style. 

On behalf of Luxaflex, I hope you enjoy watching the Australian Style Series as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.”

Neale Whitaker
Brand Partner 

Episode 1 - Nunzio Miano

Nunzio Miano is an Australian born, Sicilian artist. His creative energy is driven from a life of dual existence, where his rich Sicilian heritage juxtaposes with a life in suburban Australia.

His work contrasts vibrant colours and brushstrokes with darker monochromatic tones, painting emotive subject matter that reflects the confusing tumultuous world we find ourselves in. His quest of identity and self discovery is insatiable.

The Australian Style Series - Episode 1, Nunzio Miano

Episode 2 - Victoria Hampshire

Interior designer and founder of Capri Positano Sandals, Victoria Hampshire sits down with Neale Whitaker. 

Based on the concept that functionality should not compromise design, Victoria creates spaces that promise to take people away “to a little adventure”. Fascinated by the transformative effect of lighting, Victoria explores this concept as a vital element of her unique artistic expression.

The Australian Style Series - Episode 2, Victoria Hampshire

Episode 3 - Nelli Hegi

Taking design to a next level is the motivation of Nelli Hegi, the mastermind behind Hegi Design House. 

By integrating playful energy and timeless elements, Nelli brings into life unique pieces that combine design and functionality. 

The Australian Style Series - Episode, Hegi Design

Episode 4 - Lucy Montgomery

Lucy Montgomery is a Sydney-based Interior Designer and Creative Director of her own furniture brand.  

A collaborative approach is Lucy's favorite way of creating sophisticated collections through the power of telling stories through her unique artworks. 

Stay tuned for episode 4. Available on 2 December 2022

The Australian Style Series - Lucy Montgomery

Episode 5 - Lillie Thompson

Do you remember the first photograph you ever took? When Lillie Thompson, talented Melbourne-based photographer, was 12 years old, her mum taught her to frame up a photograph and since then, she has never got her camera back.

Lillie's work is a junction between architecture, fashion, and portraiture. Her artful approach to light mood and composition is a signature across her work.  In an interview with Neale Whitaker, she shares more details about her journey.  

The Australian Style Series - Lillie Thompson

Episode 6 - Rory James Carter

Rory James Carter is a brilliant Australian Interior and Photographic Stylist. His interiors emphasize the role of white and lighting by following the concept "less is more".  Taking inspiration from 'fast-paced nature styling', he seeks to create warm, inviting and timeless spaces. 

The Australian Style Series - Rory James Carter

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