PowerView - Troubleshooting

None of the backlit buttons illuminate on my remote when I press the buttons
Check to make sure the batteries are inserted properly and are new.

Please click on the link below to watch the video: https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/htm/battery-replacement.htm

Battery Life of Remote Module is less than expected
When the Pebble® Remote Control is picked up, the Remote Module's motion back lights are activated. In situations where the remote control is under constant movement, the motion backlighting can activate more often than normal causing the batteries to deplete at a faster rate.

It is possible to disable the motion backlight function by pressing and holding the 6 channel button for 6 seconds. To re-enable motion backlight press and hold the 6 channel button for 6 seconds.

My remote control won’t stay on the channel I have pressed but instead always reverts back to channel one?
This would be an indication the batteries are running low, replace the batteries (ensure batteries are replaced with the CR2032 battery). The suggestion is to turn the “shake to wake” feature off (press and hold channel 6 until group lights blink at you. By turning this feature off you can increase the lifespan of the batteries in the remote. Please click on the link below to watch the video https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/htm/battery-replacement.htm

My window covering does not respond when I press OPEN or CLOSE.
Make sure that there is power to the window covering and that the window covering functions properly by pressing the manual control button on the window covering. Make sure the correct GROUP number or ALL has been selected before pressing OPEN or CLOSE. Active GROUP buttons will be backlit.

My window covering operates when I press OPEN or CLOSE, but not when I press either of the arrow buttons.
The arrow buttons are for operating shadings or sheers with operable vanes only. Refer to the product’s Installation, Operation, and Care instructions for proper operation.

My Blind keeps jumping off my remote OR Hub?
Try a battery cut technique – Disconnect the power to the blind and then reapply – Try the remote OR Hub again.

The shading does not operate using the manual control button?
Unplug the power cable from the motor, then plug it back in. A green LED inside the manual control button housing should flash to indicate the motor has power, if there is no light then this would indicate no power.

I have some repeaters but it doesn’t seem to pick up the signal from the HUB?
A The repeaters must be programmed to the Hub – press the P button on the back of the HUB and wait for the solid green light to go out on the repeater – The repeater will then be connected to the Hub.

Optionally if the green light is not solid and the repeater does not flash when a Hub command is sent. Turn repeater power point off, turn the power back on and press and hold repeater button in. The green light will be solid and now can be programmed by pressing the P button on the back of the HUB. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=48&v=BIn8VkZises

How do I create, operate and delete a scene or multiple room scenes
Please click on the link below to watch the video https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/htm/creating-operating-and-deleting-scenes-and-multi-room-scenes.htm

How do I create, operate and delete Automations?
The Automation function allows for scheduled activation of scenes. Scenes must be created, for Automations. Assign days and times of the week for each Automations. Please click on the link below to watch the video https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/htm/creating-enabling-and-disabling-and-deleting-automations.htm

How do I create a Sunrise/Sunset Automation?
This feature allows for scheduled sunrise or sunset activation of scenes. Sunrise and sunset automation requires access to your smartphone or tablet geo-location before any automation can take place. Please click on the link below to watch the video https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/htm/automations-sunrise-sunset.htm

How do I create a PowerView account and register my HUB?
A PowerView account is optional, however it is required when wishing to use advanced features offered through the PowerView App. Once the account is created, it is important to register the HUB, as this allows access to the RemoteConnect feature and allows integration into 3rd party control systems and services. Please click on the link below to watch the video https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/htm/powerview-account.htm (Shows Gen2 HUB)

How do I use RemoteConnect?
Remoteconnect this a standard feature that is automatically activated once a PowerView account is created. Use RemoteConnect when away from home, to remotely access and activate scenes and automations form your PowerView App. Please click on the link below to watch the video https://my.hunterdouglas.com/content/PowerView/htm/enabling-and-using-remoteconnect.htm