PowerView - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PowerView Hub?
The PowerView Hub enables use of the PowerView App. The PowerView Hub connects to a Wi-Fi router, and communicates with Luxaflex window coverings that feature PowerView Motorisation. It stores user-defined data, such as Scene and Automation information, and provides control of window coverings from anywhere in the world using the RemoteConnect feature.

Do I need an internet connection to use the PowerView App to control my shades?
No, an internet connection is not necessary for the ongoing use of the PowerView app. However, an internet connection is required for the initial set up of the PowerView Hub in order for the Hub to download the latest firmware update. An internet connection is also necessary for the RemoteConnect feature and for keeping the time, date and your Hub firmware up to date.

What mobile platforms and devices are compatible with the PowerView App?
The PowerView App is available for Apple® iOS (running version 10.0 and newer) and Android® mobile devices (running version 4.4, KitKat, and newer).

What is a Scene?
A Scene is a combination of pre-programmed window covering positions in any given room, adjusted to the exact position that you want. Scenes can be created and operated by the PowerView App to meet different light and privacy needs throughout the day. Just activate the Scene and with a touch of a button the window coverings will move to their perfect pre-set positions. You can even set your Scenes to automatically follow your daily activities using the Automation feature of the PowerView App.

What is RemoteConnect?
RemoteConnect is a feature within the PowerView App that allows users to activate Scenes while outside the home, anywhere internet connectivity is possible.

What is a PowerView shade network?
The PowerView Shade Network is a unique radio frequency ID that allows PowerView Motorisation devices to communicate with each other within a home. All PowerView Devices in a home should be added to the same PowerView Shade Network. This allows for easy installation of additional control options, such as the PowerView Hub, PowerView Repeaters and PowerView Scene Controllers.

What is the range of the radio frequency signal using PowerView Motorization devices?
Ranges of radio frequency (RF) signals in a home vary based on construction and conditions in the home (electronic devices, plumbing, electrical runs, etc). Operational distances will vary based on the construction of individual homes. Large open areas promote greater operational distances similar radio components are used for the PowerView Remote, PowerView Hub and PowerView Scene Controllers. PowerView Repeaters are available to extend the range when needed.

What is a PowerView Repeater?
The PowerView Repeater works alongside the PowerView Remotes, Scene Controllers, and the PowerView Hub to expand coverage of your PowerView Shade Network within the home.

How do I download the PowerView application to my smartphone or tablet?
The PowerView App is available on Apple® iOS and Google Play stores for download. Click on the link to be taken to the app page, or within the store search for "PowerView" then download and install the application.