Selling Houses Australia - EP11 Hindmarsh Island, SA

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Located 1.5 hours South of Adelaide near the Murray Mouth, it’s easy to see the appeal of living on Hindmarsh Island. Theresa and Steven Burns purchased the property in 2008. It was built in 2003 but resembled more of a mid 90’s style building. The house included a whopping 6 bedrooms, wide-open living spaces and even a personal jetty!

As the years passed, the house lost touch with its surrounding environment. New builds arose, rife with modern style and glamour, each property striving to outdo the next with modern appeal. Plus our ageing homeowners were finding it too much work to maintain such a large property.

With Theresa also needing frequent trips Adelaide for treatment and to visit the kids and grandkids, the Burns family had to make a big decision about where their future lay. It was time to move closer to Adelaide and to their family, which meant they had to try and sell their dream house.

Steven and Theresa tried their best to compete on the property market. Originally listed for $680,000, three years later the property was still on the market and accepting offers over $580,000.




Shaynna’s main focus at this property was to open up the ground floor and provide uninterrupted views of the water outlook by knocking down the kitchen wall that divided the house. Not only did the wall block out the view, but it contributed to the dark, uninviting atmosphere.

Luxaflex - Blog - Selling Houses Australia - EP11 - Kitchen

Shaynna created a more open plan environment, which opened up the whole ground floor and let in the light and water views. The dining and lounge area had been transformed into an elegant and modern living space. Fresh wall colour, designer window blinds, and a unique kitchen highlighted the fact that this home on Hindmarsh Island was very much about style. Luxaflex® Roller Blinds gave the house a stylish and modern finish, as well as offering functionality and easy operation. They created a clean look and blended in well with the decor and colour scheme, melding in with the new wall colour and lounge suite. A Suncreen opacity was chosen to combat the glare from the reflections of the sun bouncing off the river into the lounge, while also allowing partial views of the scenic waterscapes to filter through.

Six panels were installed, giving more versatility to the control of light in the lounge and dining areas. Each individual roller could be raised or lowered at any desired height, so whether light was needed for meal preparation or shade needed to soften the daytime sun while relaxing on the couches, or to cut out glare hitting the television, all could be achieved independently or collectively.

Luxaflex - Blog - Selling Houses Australia - EP11 - Dining

Luxaflex - Blog - Selling Houses Australia - EP11 - Lounge

The formal entrance was now a brighter, more welcoming feature of the property. Fresh paint highlighted the dignified staircase, which lead to the top floor, where the walls were freshly painted and both the bathroom and ensuite were resurfaced.




Colour also played a major factor outside for Charlie. With the façade and back of the house a dark aubergine colour, it was easy to see what had to be done. Charlie worked at eradicating the purple with a strong white to give the property the fresh seaside feel it needed.

The front was given an overall upgrade by removing the fence and some of the Yucca plants at the entrance and laying some fresh turf where dated pebbles once were.

Luxaflex - Blog - Selling Houses Australia - EP11 - Exterior

At the rear of the house, Charlie built a set of stairs leading down into to a specially dug out space, housing a modern fire pit and in stylish deck chairs.

This would become the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Upstairs at the rear of the house on the balcony that extended from the master bedroom, Charlie installed tiles and added some outdoor furniture and potted trees to create another sitting space to look out over the water.



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The products in this episode were supplied and installed by Luxaflex Window Fashions Gallery dealer Betta Quality Curtains and Blinds, Victor Harbour, SA.



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