How your window position affects your blind choice

When selecting blinds for your home, window orientation is a crucial factor to consider as it has a huge impact on the comfort of the room. The window position determines the amount of heat and sunlight that your window will be exposed to as the seasons transition throughout the year.

North facing windows

These windows will not receive a lot of direct sunlight in Summer even during the hottest part of the day. Window covering solutions such as Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings and Luminette Privacy Sheers which allow for adequate light to filter through, whilst still maintaining privacy, are ideal for north facing windows.

Luxaflex Blog Post - Window Orientation - North Facing Windows

South facing windows

South facing rooms are typically dark and cold in Winter. For this reason, window coverings which invite light into a space can be very helpful to make these rooms more liveable. Luxaflex Silhouette Shadings, which feature soft vanes suspended between two sheer facings, are perfect for this application. The translucent fabric vanes diffuse the light and filter the UV to provide a warm glow, bouncing light up to the ceiling and brightening a room.

Luxaflex Blog Post - Window Orientation - South Facing Windows

Designed for simplicity, ease of use and enhanced child safety, Silhouette Shadings can be paired with one of our unique manual operating solutions including our EasyRise or Ultraglide Lifting Systems as well as our innovative wireless solution, PowerView Motorisation.

With PowerView Motorisation blinds can be operated with the touch of a button or tap of a mobile device or tablet. Additionally, with the PowerView App you can also quickly create customised Scenes or schedules to control your blinds all at once or in any combination you desire. Easily schedule those Scenes to move your shades automatically at a set time of your choosing, or simply coordinate with Sunrise and Sunset.

East and West facing windows

These rooms receive a lot of direct sun all year round. During the peak of Summer, rooms with a lot of glass can become uncomfortably hot to the point of being unbearable. In this instance, insulating products such as Luxaflex Duette Architella Shades would make a substantial difference to the comfort of the room as it controls the incoming heat.

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  Luxaflex Blog Post - Window Orientation - East Facing Windows 2

The unique honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb structure of Duette Shades provides efficient insulation by trapping air within its honeycomb cells, ultimately reducing heat loss in winter and keeping the rooms cooler in summer. These innovative blinds will ensure the room temperature remains comfortable all year round!

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