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Sponsored by Luxaflex!
The Lifestyle Channel's Selling Houses Australia is back for Season 7. Watch the team transform the weird and wonderful, Wednesday's at 8:30 pm.
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Entertain Year-Round
There's simply no better option for your entertaining area than the LUXAFLEX® SUNRAIN® Awning.
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Pirouette Shadings
Visually stunning. Keep your home's beautiful views whilst maintaining Privacy.
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Polyresin Shutters
LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters. A modern alternative to traditional wooden shutters.
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Duette Architella
Introducing DUETTE® Architella Ménage providing unrivalled energy efficiency
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Roller Blinds with QMotion
As recommended by stylist Lynn Malone.
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Evo Awnings
Australian designed for Australian conditions. The simply beautiful, smarter awning.
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Save up to 60% on Your Home Cooling Costs
You can save hundreds every year on your cooling costs.

Did you know up to 88%2 of a home's heating gain comes through the windows?

An awning shading a window reduces the radiant energy passing through the glass into the room. Luxaflex Evo Awnings are Designed and Made in Australia for Australian conditions.

Even better you can save 20% on your Evo Awning during our New Year Sale!
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Selling Houses Australia
Luxaflex is proud to be associated with The LifeStyle Channel’s hit-series Selling Houses Australia.

Take a look at Luxaflex Polyresin Shutters as featured in the eight episode!
This revolutionary fabric range provides even greater energy efficiency in any home with an additional inner cell elevating the insulating properties by way of the cell-within-a-cell-within-a-cell design.
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