Qmotion - Troubleshooting

My Blinds are moving at a slow speed than previously
Most probably the batteries are begging to deplete they need to be replaced. Follow the steps on 'How do I replace the batteries in my blind?'

How do I replace the batteries in my blind?
Over time your Qmotion Blind may start to roll much slower when moving both up and down. This may indicate it is time to change the batteries. When batteries require replacement, it is possible to replace the batteries without removing the blind from the brackets.

To activate the battery replacement process:

  • Press down button on the remote to send the blind to the fully down position
  • When the blind is fully down, pull down gently on the fabric to expose the battery opening on the aluminium tube
  • Release the fabric/blind and the blind will return to the 75% closed position
  • Pull down gently on the fabric to expose the aluminium tube and battery opening a second time, and the blind will remain in that position (without retracting)
  • Replace the batteries by sliding them along and out through the opening
  • Replace all batteries with similar D Cell Alkaline long life batteries, ensure that the positive (+) terminal on the battery is facing the opening
  • Once complete, press the UP button on the remote and the blind will resume operation

After replacing batteries, blind is not responding to remote
Firstly make sure that the positive end of the battery is positioned correctly. (Refer to 'How do I replace the batteries in my blind?')

If this does not resolve the issue, try the following procedure. - Make sure batteries are in the motor - Roll the blind up at least 30cm manually by hand - Pull bottom bar down more than 300mm, this will 'wake the motor' - select the channel on the remote that the blind s paired to and Press and hold the UP button until the blind starts to roll up, then release the Up button.