Qmotion - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of replacement batteries will I have to purchase?
QMotion Roller Blinds utilize standard “D-Cell” Alkaline batteries. Depending on the size of your shade they will take between 4-8 batteries.

How do I clean and care for my QMotion Roller Blinds?

  1. Surface dust may be removed with a gentle brush, feather duster or clean, dry cloth.
  2. Wipe with a dry sponge.
  3. An art gum rubber is excellent for removing small marks

What is an 'energy efficient' window shade? Will this type of shade help reduce at home utility costs?
An energy efficient shade is one which does not consume much electricity when running, and may also help manage power consumption in a space, as well. QMotion shades are among the least "energy thirsty", and our light filtering materials can help a space to be well lit while moderating the effects of the sun and giving privacy.