Greenhills Beach Installation

Case Study: Motorised Roller Blinds with Curtains - Greenhills Beach

The Greenhills Beach development has seen many new modern homes developed. The Abesco team were pleased to partner with Chronis Build & Design and their client to help transform the new modern two storey home being built into a sleek and modern home with privacy and natural light.

Abesco Greenhills front

Accentuating the windows to create privacy and maximise natural light

The house was stunning but as with any new home build, there will always be challenges. The house itself had very large openings, huge glass windows and corner sliding back doors needing privacy from the neighbouring house. 

Privacy during the day and night was key which meant all the windows needed dual fabric solutions. With dual fabric solutions, this requires more space to accommodate 2 products so it's ideal to get involved early in the build process to ensure this space exists.

A'beso Greenhills project bulkhead

The best option? Motorised Roller Blinds with sheer curtains

Our experts recommended blockout motorised roller blinds in conjunction with hand drawn sheer curtains to make it easy to operate and provide both privacy during the night and a sleek modern look during the day. 

Dual roller blinds were used on the oversized sliding door in the kitchen and living areas to provide a window furnishing solution that could be fully hidden once it is opened. We chose a motorised, hard-wired roller blind option due to the number of openings and their size to provide as much comfort & functionality as the client needed within their budget.

Abesco Greenhills bedroom

Working closely with the Builders & Developers. 

We work with some of the best builders and developers in Sydney and Chronis was no different. We know that working together means a better solution for the client and so we worked on the best options to achieve the privacy they wanted with a modern and sleek look. 

The Abesco team took on a more consultative role in the build, carrying out several consultation meetings with the electrician, providing marking for electrical cable placement and preparing drawings of bulkhead sizes and positioning. This meant we were able to create the space for both curtains and roller blinds to exist while also ensuring that adjustments could be made in the future to cables or any motorised needs. 

Ultimately, our collaboration meant we could provide the solutions the homeowner wanted, in the best way to accentuate the home.

Abesco Greenhills project pool

Transforming a space into a forever home

While the photos of the finished project probably tell the full story, the customer's feedback was the icing on the cake - “Simply stunning”. Not only were they happy with the sleek look, subtle colours and versatile product choices, they appreciated the fact we were able to help them (and Chronis) at every step of the building process. 

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Images Credit: Shaw Photography