Three Birds Renovations - House 8



Just when you thought the bar couldn’t get any higher, the Three Birds Renovations trio pull off their biggest and most epic transformation to date – House 8, Bonnie’s Dream Home!

Despite being miles away from water Bonnie found inspiration in the relaxed coastal lifestyle, turning her dreams of creating a modern style coastal barn into a beautiful reality.

If there is anything we can take away from seeing this enormous project come to fruition, is that planning, especially early on in the building and renovating process, is key to achieving an end result that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too. This idea is especially relevant to window coverings and the considerations such as structural and electrical requirements and window and door styles, which are often forgotten or left to the end.

With so many large windows and doors being incorporated into the plan for the new house, getting the window coverings precisely right was extremely important. The blinds, shutters and awnings selected would ultimately influence aesthetics and impact the light, privacy and temperature control of each room. Bonnie worked closely with the Luxaflex team to ensure she had completed all of the preliminary steps such as the electrical rough-in and placement of structural beams and timbers, ready for the various window covering solutions to be installed.

Check out Bonnie’s stunning dream home and the Luxaflex Window Fashions she selected for each room!




Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 3 Entry FormalLounge



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 4 FormalDining

Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 5 Bar CasualLounge



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 6 Kitchen ButlerPantry

Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 7 Casual Dining



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 8 Lounge

Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers with PowerView Motorisation were used to dress the large stacking doors in the main lounge room. The addition of these elegant blinds help soften the room, providing a stylish means of controlling the light and cutting out the glare, which is particularly handy when watching TV. These motorised Softshades can be simply operated with the touch of a button on either the Pebble remote or via the PowerView app on an iPhone or iPad - they're what Bonnie likes to call ‘the Rolls Royce of Blinds’. As she explains in Superstylin’ the most used room in our house, her Luminette Privacy Sheers ‘glide open and shut like dream! #notjustaprettyblind’.


Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 9 Lounge Pebble



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 10 PowderRoom



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 11 Laundry



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 12 KidsBedroom1

When designing the bedrooms for her four young boys, the key point was finding the balance between a playful space that her kids would love and one that the adults would love too. Although this may seem impossible to some, Bonnie’s refined styling proved otherwise. The end result - stylish bedrooms that fit seamlessly together with the overall design of the house.

As mentioned in ‘Boys Bedrooms Bonanza’, Bonnie’s top tip for designing kid’s bedrooms is ‘to create something that’s as perfect now as it will be in five years’ time. You want to create a room for them to grow into, not out of!’.

Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters were the obvious choice for the window coverings in Bonnie’s kids bedrooms. Not only are they highly durable and backed with a 20 year warranty, they are easy to operate and above all completely cord free and child friendly. The simplistic nature of these Shutters also meant that they would maintain their stylish appeal for years to come!


Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 13 KidsBedroom2



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 14 KidsEnsuite



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 15 MainBedroom


As Bonnie explains in 6 must-haves for my home office, factors such as room positioning, clever storage and fabulous finishes are key in creating the ultimate study space. Light control is also an important factor to consider, something which window coverings play an important part in.

Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters were the perfect blind solution for Bonnie’s home office. The Shutter louvres can be simply adjusted for privacy and to control the light and glare especially when working on the computer.


Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 16 Office


The brief for the blinds in Bonnie’s master bedroom consisted of four central considerations:

1.    Blind style; As Bonnie had a combination of windows and sliding doors in her master bedroom, the blinds selected would need to accommodate for both the bottom up and side-to-side operating styles.

2.    Look and feel; Bonnie envisioned the perfect window coverings for this space as soft and whimsical, keeping with the stylish ‘Modern Coastal Barn’ theme of the house. 

3.    Light and privacy control; The ideal solutions would provide the flexibility to completely open the blinds for an unobstructed view to the outside, adjust them for a filtered view or completely close them for privacy and room darkening.

4.    Operating method; With so many windows in the master suite, adjusting the shades needed to be simple and easy as they would be operated numerous times throughout the course of the day.


Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 17 MasterBedroom1

A combination of Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers and Silhouette Shadings were used in Bonnie’s dreamy master bedroom.This proved to be the perfect pairing as they similarly exuded elegance and style, aligning effortlessly with the modern coastal theme. The sheer fabric of these Softshades complemented each other in the open space, and the different blind styles (the bottom up operation of Silhouette Shadings and the side-to- side operation of Luminette Privacy Sheers) worked seamlessly over the doors and windows. 

Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation was the operating method of choice for these Softshades. The choice of motorised control will ensure ease of operation, precise light and privacy control, added customisation and convenience. This intelligent technology will also allow blinds to operate with a simple press of a button, tap of a mobile device or by scheduling scenes that will automatically activate throughout the day. With PowerView Motorisation, the perfect addition to any forever home, the Luxaflex blinds in Bonnies master bedroom are not only stylish but smart too!


Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 18 MasterBedroom2


Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters were also selected for Bonnie’s ensuite. Australian-made from a Polyresin compound, these stylish shutters are impervious to moisture - guaranteed not to blister, peel or fade making them the ideal solution particularly for the wet areas in the home such as bathrooms and laundries.


Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 19 MasterEnsuite1

Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 20 MasterEnsuite2



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 21 AdultsRetreat

Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 22 Adults PVApp

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house, Bonnie’s adults retreat will serve as the perfect spot for some relaxing quiet time away from the kids. Luxaflex Roman Shades with PowerView Motorisation were selected to dress the glass doors in this room. Bonnie was drawn to the large fabric folds of the Roman Blinds as they fit perfectly with her ‘coastal barn’ vision and opted for a crisp white textured fabric, which added a modern touch to the traditional window coverings. 



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 24 BoysRetreat

Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 23 BoysClub

What was originally intended to be used as a gym, was turned into a funky kid’s lounge which included a hidden ‘secret room’ for Bonnie’s four young boys. Complete with vintage pinball machine and games table, this room is designed as a separate space for the boys to hang out in and enjoy.
The ideal window coverings in the ‘Boys Club’ Room would:

1.    Be suitable to use over sliding doors.

2.    Cut out the afternoon glare.

3.    Soften the cold dark glass in the evenings.

4.    Be super easy for the boys to operate.

Bonnie opted for sheer Luxaflex Roller Blinds with Qmotion Technology as they ticked all of the boxes in her brief. The Roller Blinds neatly roll up and off the glass to allow for the sliding doors to be opened, while the sheer fabric helps control the light and cut out the afternoon glare. These blinds would also help combat the cold dark glass at night, and additionally the motorised operation meant that they were completely cord-free and easy to use. 



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 25 Deck

The kids lounge room opened out onto the deck which overlooked the tennis court and back yard. A perfect little spot to sit and watch the kids as they played, Bonnie chose to include a Luxaflex Ventura Folding Arm Awning to provide shade especially in the hotter Summer months.



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 26 Pool

Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 27 Outdoor



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 28 Guest Cottage

The guest cottage was an extension off the main house but was definitely nothing like your standard ‘granny flat’. A combination of clever design, natural light and bold colour mixed amongst soft textures, created a small space that was big on style!



Luxaflex - Blog - Three Birds Renovations House 8 - 29 GuestBedroom

Luxaflex Silhouette Shadings were used in the Cottage guest bedroom. These shades were the perfect choice, as the signature S-vanes that float between sheer fabric facings filter the UV, to provide a soft glow adding to the light and airy modern coastal style Bonnie aimed to achieve.



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