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Attentive to the latest trends, HunterDouglas® is the market leader in covering windows with innovative products that offer infinite possibilities.

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Constantly seeking innovation, greater energy efficiency, greater comfort and improved quality of life, promoting the use of recycled or recyclable materials, HunterDouglas® Luxaflex® market offers a variety of solutions that address the concerns of today's world to seek more sustainability buildings and living environments. During winter, the largest heat exhaust occurs through the windows, and the energy loss is significant. With some of the curtains or blinds HunterDouglas® Luxaflex® is possible to avoid increasing energy product of low temperatures and the use of heating; conversely in summer can stem the flow of heat, keeping the comfort of their environments and always keeping the design, quality and aesthetics that identify us. Committed to the environment, Hunter Douglas is geared to help our customers achieve lower energy use, after reducing our carbon footprint. The main objective is to help our customers save energy and exploit the natural power of the sun. 

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HunterDouglas® offers among its products has termed some HDGreen, whose main characteristic is to be environmentally friendly, thanks to its contribution to the energy efficiency of space and solar control properties.

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Faced with a constantly changing industry, HunterDouglas® offers unique products that cater to the different requirements of our customers with revolutionary fabrics and modern systems, while maintaining the design and aesthetics that characterizes us as a leading global brand. Being at the forefront of the market requires to be constantly updated, so we are constantly looking for and offering new and improved products to deliver maximum solutions to our customers.

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Child Safety

All our products are designed thinking about the safety of children. We deliver innovative solutions designed for child safety and household pets.

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We know that within the household there are many objects that children play and may pose a security risk. HunterDouglas® concerned about the safety of his family and always offer innovative and functional products that fit every space and need of customers, has created products with new technologies that reduce the risk of accidents, both children and pets. Laces on some products pose a potential strangulation hazard. To protect the safety of children, consider alternatives accessible cords. Child Safety offers drives with, among others, potentially reduce the risk of injury to children and pets wireless systems, manual and motorised, retractable lifting ropes, tensioners and control rod.